Expose a QMP proxy server for a libvirt QEMU guest

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virt-qemu-qmp-proxy [OPTION]... DOMAIN QMP-SOCKET-PATH


This tool provides a way to expose a QMP proxy server that communicates with a QEMU guest managed by libvirt. This enables standard QMP client tools to interact with libvirt managed guests.

NOTE: use of this tool will result in the running QEMU guest being marked as tainted. It is strongly recommended that this tool only be used to send commands which query information about the running guest. If this tool is used to make changes to the state of the guest, this may have negative interactions with the QEMU driver, resulting in an inability to manage the guest operation thereafter, and in the worst case potentially lead to data loss or corruption.

The virt-qemu-qmp-proxy program will listen on a UNIX socket for incoming client connections, and run the QMP protocol over the connection. Any commands received will be sent to the running libvirt guest, and replies sent back.

The virt-qemu-qmp-proxy program may be interrupted (eg Ctrl-C) when it is no longer required. The libvirt QEMU guest will continue running.



The ID or UUID or Name of the libvirt QEMU guest.


The filesystem path at which to run the QMP server, listening for incoming connections.


The URI for the connection to the libvirt QEMU driver. If omitted, a URI will be auto-detected.

-v, --verbose

Run in verbose mode, printing all QMP commands and replies that are handled.

-h, --help

Display the command line help.


Upon successful shutdown, an exit status of 0 will be set. Upon failure a non-zero status will be set.


Daniel P. Berrangé


Please report all bugs you discover. This should be done via either:

  1. the mailing list

  2. the bug tracker

Alternatively, you may report bugs to your software distributor / vendor.


virt-qemu-qmp-proxy is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL v2+. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE